8 Weeks to Success

Goal Gett Masterkind

The Goal Getter Masterkind is for you if you

  • you have big goals, but you just don’t know where to start
  • you are so overwhelmed by your plans that you don’t do anything
  • you want to be surrounded by people who also want to aim high
  • you want to continue learning and developing – day by day

A Goal Getter has goals – and achieves them.

Do you want to be a Goal Getter?

This very special mastermind, the Goal Getter Masterkind, will help you combat procrastination, growing pains, and your inner badass.

You get impulses and tasks to stay on track.

The regular exchange and feedback will make it easy for you to really put your plans into action this time. You will

  • Gain self-confidence
  • gain clarity
  • and above all: finally get into action!



1. the quality of being determined; firmness of purpose.
“those who succeed because of sheer grit and determination”

2. the process of establishing something exactly by calculation or research.
“determination of molecular structures”

This is what awaits you during the Goal Getter Masterkind

Reach your goal in eight weeks – and beyond!

The Goal Getter Masterkind runs for eight weeks:

  • Eight weeks in which you focus on your goal, deal with the why and clearly get into action.
  • Eight weeks with regular exchange, feedback and growth impulses.
  • Eight weeks with the good feeling of not being alone.


Week 1: Goal

The main reason why most people don’t get what they want is because they don’t even know what they want.

Hello and welcome to the Goal Getter Masterkind. In the first week, we get to know each other as a group. We get to know our fellow participants and their goals, but most importantly, we get to know ourselves and our motivations better. We look at how we spend our days, what is important to us and why. This first week sets the foundation for the eight-week program with reflection tasks and questions.

  • Week 1/1: What do you really-really want?
  • Week 1/2: Why do you want to achieve your goal?

Week 2: Path

You will be tomorrow what you think today.

Perhaps the most important week of the entire program. In any case, it will be one of the most challenging.
In week two we deal with habits; we learn how to counter mindfuck, dissolve limiting beliefs piece by piece and how to integrate self-doubt. We deal with the law of attraction and get to the bottom of the topic from comfort zone to growth zone.

  • Week 2/1: The power of positivity
  • Week 2/2: Believe it, and then do it

Week 3: Plan

You’ll never get what you want with lack of clarity.

By the end of week three, you’ll have your plan in hand and know exactly what to do to achieve your goal. Before that, though, let’s take a look at where our strengths lie and prepare ourselves for how to deal with emerging bouts of procrastination and imposterism.

  • Week 3/1: Discipline is freedom
  • Week 3/2: Time to make the plan

Week 4 – 7: Act

Big tasks are not mastered through strength, but through perseverance.

Time to focus and full speed ahead. With the support of the group, we act on what we’ve learned and, more importantly, put our plan, into reality. The regular check-ins along with the impulses and feedback rounds help us to keep at it. We develop a success routine.

Week 8: Success

Many weeks are behind us. Now it’s time to reflect and celebrate what we’ve accomplished. This will be a very special moment that we will remember for a long time.

The live calls will take place in Zoom.

If you are unable to attend one of the live calls, you can use our digital co-creation book in Miro for weeks 1-3.

That’s included

Because it’s the beginning of the year and I want you to start 2023 with confidence, trust and SUCCESS, I’m offering the 8-week program at a knockdown price!

It will never come back like this.

Nor will your time, by the way, which you will continue to waste if you continue as before and try to achieve different results with the same approaches. If you expect a different result – to reach your goal – then it is finally time to go other ways! With the Goal Getter Masterkind. What do you have to lose? Nothing, exactly!

And to make that even clearer to you, I’m offering you a money-back guarantee. If by week two of the Goal Getter Masterkind you still haven’t felt any noticeable changes or find that the program isn’t for you, you’ll get your money back. Yes, the entire amount. Because your success is my success.

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